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Need Custom Packaging boxes?

Look no further than EcoFriendlyBoxes for your custom packaging needs. We offer sustainable packaging materials and a range of customization choices to help you create packaging that represents your brand while caring for the planet.

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How To Order

We’re here to help with packaging solutions that make sense for businesses of any kind. You can
Message or call us at +447341134873
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Step 1:

Define Your Requirements

Define Your Requirements:

Clearly outline your packaging requirements. Consider the size, shape, and dimensions of the boxes you need. Determine the type of material (cardboard, corrugated, etc.) and any specific features like printing, coatings, or special finishes.


Review and Approve Proofs

Review and Approve Proofs:

Once you receive design proofs from the packaging supplier, carefully review them for accuracy. Check for any errors in the design, colors, or dimensions. Make sure the proof aligns with your vision before giving your approval for production.


Design and Artwork

Design and Artwork:

Work on the design and artwork for your custom packaging. Consider your branding elements, logo, colors, and any information you want to include on the boxes. Ensure that the design aligns with your brand identity and appeals to your target audience.


Place the Order

Place the Order:

After approving the proofs and finalizing the details, place the order with us. Ensure that you provide all necessary information, including the shipping address and any specific delivery instructions. Keep communication open to address any questions or concerns


Request a Quote

Request a Quote:

Contact us and provide the specifications of your custom boxes. This may include quantity, size, material, printing options, and any additional features. Request a detailed quote that includes costs for design, production, and shipping.


Monitor Production and Delivery

Monitor Production and Delivery:

Stay in communication with us in all process. Get updates on the status of your order and ensure that it is progressing according to the agreed timeline. Once the boxes are ready, we will send you tracking number for your order shipment.

Eco-friendly boxes are designed to reduce environmental impact. they are made from materials that are re-cycleabel and biodegradable. It is important because it helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Our boxes are very customizable and we manufacture them with different sizes, shapes and fitting options.

You can place an order from our website, select your product, select customization and proceed further. If you have any queries, please contact our customer support team.

Our minimum order quantity varies by box size and type. For more information check the product pages on our website but our MOQ is 50 Boxes

We mainly use cardboard kraft paper and other sustainable options that are eco-friendly in the production of these boxes.

Yes, our eco-friendly boxes are food-safe packaging, check the product description for more information and you will know that they meet the food packaging requirements

Yes, our eco-Friendly Boxes are designed for shipping purposes and they keep your product safe for reaching the destination.

We use various methods to make our packaging eco-friendly and we design our products with keeping sustainability in mind.

Why to Choose Our Company For Your Custom Packaging  & Printing Projects

Here are six reasons to choose! Whether you are a new or old customer, we are committed to making you happy by providing you with high-quality packaging and printing services on time.


Are you starting a new business? you do not need to order 500 or 1000 boxes because our minimum order quantity is 50 boxes per size and design.If you want less than 50 boxes then we will also do that for you.

Wholesale Pricing

If you are starting a new business then budget is very important We know the importance of the customer’s budget, and that’s why we offer the same wholesale prices for small and large quantities.Dont hesitate to contact with our expert team.

Custom Design

Don’t worry about design of your because We can create custom packaging designs in any size, style, or shape, according to your requirements. Just chat or send us a message on our email.

Quality Printing

Our production and designing team is very experienced which allows us to deliver high-quality custom packaging boxes to our customers they will also provide you with assistance if you need which will make them happy.

Free Graphic Design Services

You don’t have a design file of your box? You don’t need to hire a graphic designer for that our design team is very experienced they will provide you with everything you want. We offer free-of-cost graphic design services to our valued customers.

Free Shipping

There is no charge for shipping costs you do not have to pay for shipping, as we offer free shipping and handling in the UK and USA.